Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday, or: The great getaway

I went on a bike ride from my apartment in San Luis Obispo to Port San Luis (near Avila Beach, about a 13 mile bike ride) today. I took alot of pictures and the weather was beautiful. It was a great way to get away in the middle of the weak for some time alone. Came back, focused, relaxed and in a great mood.

I saw a bunch of sea lions below the pier at port san luis, so I started taking pictures of them, leaned way over to get a shot of a couple directly under the pier, since they were all pretty far back from the edge and I couldn't get any clear shots. Anyways, as I was leaning over, my calculator and tire levers fell out of my backpack and nailed one in the back. They all started barking and a bunch of them jumped in the water and stared at me, they looked pretty pissed off. Anyways, I took alot of great pictures of them, but I felt bad interrupting their afternoon nap. Plus now I have to buy a new calculator. Check out my flickr for more pictures:

This is my flickr, just uploaded a bunch of pictures from my bike ride today, check it out. This is a very long link. That is all.

Here is the route I took, including the bike trail:

Map of my ride

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