Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some prose from my old blogger

I looked at an old blogspot account I had for about a week back in 2006, thought I'd share a couple of them, I might have shown these to some of you back in the day. Younger, simpler times.


average american boy

he's not clean shaven,
he just couldn't grow a beard
he's no pretty boy
in fact he's pretty ugly
the nicest boy you'll ever see
but he never gets the girls
and he's content from 9-5
and sleeps from 10-4
he's forgotten all his dreams
sold for an iou
and when he is reminded
he shrugs and goes for a run
and thirty minutes later,
the memory is gone
and the only dream remaining
is his paid vacation time


Feb 13, 2006
90 minutes cut short

a b movie romance
with too many cheesy lines
and a cliche script
the cameras are rolling

but the leading lady called in sick
now the doctor says she might not make it
to the happiest of endings

fade to black
roll the credits

tell all the extras to go home
the wedding is postponed
and the groom is left alone


Feb 12, 2006
what happens to a little boy from a small town when he's told to be a man in a city that he hates

he sits on the trunk of his car
and lights another cigarette
at some God forsaken rest stop
between paradise and hell
the seat directly to his right
is unoccupied, so he keeps busy
telling stories and chatting with himself
his exaggerated honesty
is never quite a lie
he wonders where his life will lead
but he knows hes never quite alive
watching red sunsets and hazy skies
writing dozens of those damn songs
but he'll only sing when hes alone
and his OCD is kicking in
his room will never feel like home
300 miles from childhood
still further from his dreams
mixing aspartame and alcohol
trying to convince himself he's ok
now his eyes are tired
from carrying his heavy heart
it won't be long before he goes blind
she offered him her artwork
"a pictures worth a thousand words"
so he writes a dozen letters
kept in blank white envelopes
a constant reminder of that
familiar onramp buried in cigarettes
the ones he lights when he drops her off
and he swears he's not a smoker
he just hates the feeling
of leaving her behind

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