Monday, January 26, 2009


My bike is my only comfort these days. I had a pretty crappy weekend, but saved it on Sunday when I went on a group ride with slofixed.

Something about getting out and mashing around town, or to the beach, just makes me smile, no matter how shitty other things may be going. Unfortunately yesterday I got two flat tires. One before the ride started (and I paid $13 at a bike shop for them to change it since I threw away my old pump), and once after the ride when I was practicing wheelies outside my apartment.

I met a guy named Joey who rides fixed gear and lives in my apartment complex, seems really nice. Also met a guy named Eric, supposed to try a new thai place with him next Sunday, if I can find some money.

Things went downhill with the ex. At least from my perspective. I'm sick of being stuck, and from here on out I'm done with it. It's a tough thing to do, because it basically means severing ties. That is, not talking to someone who for the past several years has been the first person I turn to when I have something weighing on me.

But then it's all a part of growing up. And it's time.

Brian (my roommate) had some friends up from King City this weekend, one of them showed me a mash up by Legion of Doom, my favorite hip-hop song (Slow Down Ghandi) and Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional mashed up into a surprisingly amazing mix: Hands Down Ghandi.

That and I finally figured out which album "sunshine" by Atmosphere is on so I'm rocking that too.

Update: As I write this I'm sitting in my room sipping on coffee, getting ready to walk to school since I still have a flat tire. I am going to take the midterm I missed on Thursday (the professor is letting me make it up, such a relief).

This blog post is all over the place, kind of just needed to get back into the habit of writing so bear with me. Realized again last week how much I hate the bus, since it came late, and it was overfull, and I was standing there in between my quiet, awkward roommate, and a girl I can't seem to avoid. I mean I love the fact that we're finally getting some rain, I just wish that didn't mean I had to take the bus. I don't want to ride my bike through the rain and sit through class soaking wet, worrying about my bike rusting.

All this to say, I'm going to move forward today, for the first time in way too long. Thankyou all for the support through the past few months. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


I hope people can tell who that is. I'm gonna mass produce that in spoke card form & possible as a shirt.

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  1. i definitely agree with you about the severing ties thing. that is a great and wise decision.