Thursday, January 22, 2009

If only, if only if only

Thats exactly how I would look, 24/7, 365

if only I could grow a beard.

Went on a group ride with the SLO fixed gear group last night. Lots of fun, plus I learned of a new place to practice wheelies and skids and such. It's a hockey rink at Santa Rosa park, with super smooth cement. I ate shit doing a wheelie and slid across the ground but didn't get a scratch on me because it's so smooth.

But the guys in the group seem pretty chill. There's one guy that pissed me off from the second I met him, but then that happens alot. I tend to dislike douchebags.

Anyways, missed my first midterm of the quarter today, had to cook meat in my cooking lab, but it wasn't a total loss.

I'm gonna go waste more time in the parking lot.


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