Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 days in the city of mash

I just spent the long weekend in San Francisco, enjoyed some delicious sushi and beers with the homies for Donta's birthday on Saturday night. On Sunday, I went riding with Henry, Sean and Donta's roommate, around the city. We went through the park, to an amazing track bike shop (american cyclery), through the haight, downtown and finally to the island. We spent like seven hours just riding and hanging out at the island, where I met this guy named Chris Fonseca, a film maker and fixed gear rider.

Watch this video:

SF Track/Fixed Night Edit from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

I had a great time up there, and any time there was downtime it meant it was time to hop on my bike and ride. I had been thinking lately about how I miss having people to go do spur of the moment stuff with, and this weekend was like a giant reset button. Honestly, I regret coming to cal poly instead of San Francisco state just because I love that city so much.

Anyways, all that to say that San Francisco is my favorite city. And I will post the few pictures I took later (they're all of the golden gate)

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  1. I love SF. :) Such a lovely city when you extract the notorious parts of it. I love the buildings, the smell--it's so distinct, you just know you're in the bay when that crisp, foggy ocean air embraces every part of you.

    And thank you for the all the encouragement.

    Hope to see you soon. :)