Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday, or: one helluva ride

My gear ratio is officially too high for hills. went on the slofixed sunday ride, ran over a wire, got a slow leak, stopped and pumped up, stopped again, Joey stopped with me, finally went flat, stopped and changed tube, bought a 24 ounce gatorade, chugged it, started riding hard, regretted chugging, joked about my maglight saran wrapped to my handlebars, lost my maglight, regretted using saran wrap, rode halfway up a huge hill, walked my bike, started riding again near the top, view of morro rock from the top kicked ass, joked about my high gear ratio, started riding, rode fast downhill, polka skid like mad in front of me, smelled polkas rubber (literally), rode through a eucalyptus grove, rode up a smaller hill, mashed down a bigger hill, rode through another eucalyptus grove, big hill, walked the bike, talked to kerry, rode down the last big hill to the beach, spinning all the way, skidding like crazy at the bottom, walked around beach, sharp rocks everywhere, found a limestone, licked my finger, stuck finger to limestone, "show and tell" everyone about limestone, make up a fake scientific explanation about it, everyone tries it, rode back up the giant hill, walked most of the way with kerry, back of the pack, got yelled at, "DOGGY STYLE", down a hill, up a hill, down a hill, up a hill, down a big hill, foot came out of my clip, glad I had a front brake, stopped at shell, chugged a chocolate milk, ate a banana, sipped on a big water, eric had arizona, jason and steven smoke cigarettes, I realize how nasty cigarettes are...again, take off down the road, leading the pack, keeping a good pace, get passed, don't feel like riding hard anymore, no bike lane for two miles, caught up with the leaders of the pack waiting at the turnoff, skid stop, skid stop, still going to fast, slam front brake to try a stoppie, do a massive stoppie, keep going forward, whip around, fall into the ditch, come up with my arms up, the entire biking community was laughing at me, not a good ride til I hurt myself, nice easy pace back into town, rode with kerry again, i think i creeped her out, rode back to my apartments with joey, jason and eric, watched third quarter of superbowl, made mac and cheese, ate entire box of mac and cheese, fell asleep, woke up two and a half hours later, chugged some water, need a shower, good day. start again tomorrow.

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