Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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In these rough economic times, our state is cutting many aspects of our budget, including many millions of dollars already cut from the CSU budget this year.

Help make it stop. Go to this website, write a little bit about your own situation, about why accessible public education is vital to our states future and urge your legislators not to cut the CSU budget any more:


Here's what I wrote:

My family falls into that all too large crack of making too much money to
qualify for ANY kind of financial aid (well I qualified for enough
unsubsidized loans to cover my tuition, but none of my other living
expenses) but not enough to pay for my school.

This is an especially grueling issue for California families and students,
since in California cost of living is much, much higher, so someone who
doesn't qualify here might be lower-middle class, while if they made the
same amount of money in Montana (I use Montana as an example because I
have alot of family there), they would be VERY well off financially, and
not struggling as my family (and many of my friends families) are even
though according to the blind FAFSA they are perfectly capable of sending
four kids to college on their own dime.

This is why I have been EXTREMELY grateful for the public education I am
receiving, and I would hate to see others unable to attend a university
because of budget cuts. This is our future at stake, and I say that as an
individual as well as a member of a society and emerging generation that
is up against incredible odds right now. Please help us achieve our goals
and continue the tradition of higher education in order to secure our
states future.

I also took advantage of our states incredibly helpful community college system, attending Gavilan Community college for two years, completing my general education and graduating with an AA in liberal studies before transferring to Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, and as a former community college student I also know the importance of that program to millions more in our state. Please take all of these things into consideration as you work on cutting the state budget.

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