Monday, February 9, 2009


First SLOfixed alleycat (race) went off without a hitch, it was really small, about a tenth of the size (as in riders) as the SJfixed alleycat that happened yesterday, and our prize was a sticker, theirs was a wheelset haha.

But anyways everyone that came out on Saturday night had a great time, I brought donuts for everyone, Mark won. I ended up being out until 2am just riding around with a few of the guys from slofixed, crashed out a little bit later. I woke up at noon to go on the Sunday ride, made the mistake of hopping out of bed and directly onto my bike, did not pass the kitchen, did not collect breakfast or drink any water.

Got to the park to meet up for the Sunday ride, the only two other guys who show up are Mark (the guy who won, also on the cal poly wheelmen cyclist team) and this guy Frank, both in their cycling shorts/underarmor/windbreakers, and I'm there in my khaki shorts and a t-shirt. I almost dipped out at that point, sensing I wouldn't be able to keep up. But off we went, embarking on a 17 mile ride to Lopez Lake.

I made it there, and we were making good time, fastest pace I've kept on a long ride, killed me over the few small hills. We posted up at a vista point over the lake, taking it all in for a few minutes before we headed back. I made it about five miles back before I got super dizzy on a long hill climb and my legs just gave out. I made it to the top of the hill somehow, and told Mark and Frank to go on without me and called my neighbor who came and picked me up. Lifesaver.

I was super bummed, the first time I've ever NOT finished a ride, and I felt dumb for not coming prepared. Ah well, it's a mistake I can easily learn from.

Joey is sandblasting my frame for me this week (the new trek frame) for $5, and I'm going to get it powder coated eventually, I'm thinking blueish silver with some metal flake in there.

Off to class now, just wanted to tell you about my weekend. Oh and I'm all bruised up from the festivities haha.

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