Sunday, March 15, 2009


When someone shows up in your life that you care about, and I mean really care...

it's hard to let that go.

paraphrased from my favorite spy dramedy, chuck.

Couldn't have said it better myself. The upside is that I still have people in my life that I care deeply about, and who care about me. Family, friends, and the things I believe in, without those three pillars I would hazard a guess that the past several months would have been a lot darker.

I realized a couple days ago that while I'm not over her (I don't know if I ever will be), I'm moving on. This came to me while I was actually kinda bummed out, feeling lonely... but that's the thing, it wasn't me pining after my ex, it was just a moment where I felt lonely, wishing for a moment that I had what I did with her, but I can look forward now.

Just had to get up from bed to get that quick thought off my mind. insomnia sucks ass, finals at 7am tomorrow

oh and go listen to bloc party - signs

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